Friday, 24 October 2014

Journey To Success is Still Not Happen

A  Year Missing but I'm Back ......

Journey to success
It has been a year I didn't update this blog. Too many thing is happen to me. I'm not stay with my mother anymore. I'm already migrated to another place after two years living with my mother. Now I'm back together with my family. My wife is still pursuing her doctorate study.

And  me .....

My journey to success is still in struggling phase. Although it already a year but I'm still not getting there. However the journey is changed a bit. Now I'm pursuing study in Master and at the same time I'm already working as a technical manager at highway company.

Salary is quite good although this is not what I'm looking for. One step ahead after been in struggling phase before.

Since I'm not update this for some quite of time. So many story that I would like to share you all. But not now. Soon I will share my story what I've been doing after missing for almost a year.

I'm still in struggling phase , however I have to make my journey succeed. I don't know I can make it or not but I have to make it happen.

See ya around friends. Guten Nacht!

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