My Success Journey Series : The Business Start up

The Business Start up : The Beginning Of Journey

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This is just the beginning

        “Kring Kring Kring”, the phone is ringing. Mr Jones picked up the phone, “Hello, Jones’s here, who’s on the line?”, “Hi Mr Jones, I’m Freddy from the department of building.  Just to inform that your company has been awarded to build a high built-in cabinet for a Physic Department. Please come here to receive an offer letter.”

Mr Jones is very happy. He just registered the company 5 months ago. After completed the entire necessary document in order to participate in the project and involve in submitting the tender. Lucky him, it is pay off. The project has been offered to his company is worth $49,900.

Suddenly Mr Jones received another phone call from the Department  Of Municipal City confirmed him the project of upgrade and repairing public store has been also awarded to him. The price is $19,900. What a day.

In one day Mr Jones is receiving two projects worth $69,800. This project is for his new form of company. He can wait to tell his wife about the project he got. After arrived at his house, Mr Jones walks through his room that act as his office. His wife is sitting in front of the computer doing something.

Mr Jones did not have formal business address and office. He used his home as an office to operated day to day business. Usually Mr Jones task is meeting people, site visiting, finding a new project. Most of his task is on site. His wife Mrs Jones task is to handle the accounting, quotation, preparation of tender document and calling client.

“Jane, we just got 2 projects worth $69,800. Tomorrow I will get an offer letter,” Said Mr Jones. “Thanks God, at last we actually secured the project after massively entering tender before,” Said Mrs Jones.

They are so very happy about what happening today. Their new company have secured two projects at the same time. Suddenly Mrs Jones said, “What about money dear? How are we going to do the project without having any money? We should have at least 70% as a capital to acquire 30% profit. Where are we going to find the money?”. 

Mr Jones head suddenly spinning. He just realizes his new company still did not have any capital built up to do the project.  In easy word they don’t have enough money in their bank account. What is he going to do? If he rejects the offer letter, the company will be blacklisted. Furthermore, there is no point he created the company if to reject the offer letter.

His head keep spinning, finding the answer. His moral almost drop below and there is no solid answer for the difficulties he is facing now. The question what I’m going to do now is keeping flashing in his head. 

“Where I’m going to find the money?”, his internal voice asking him quietly. Suddenly Mr Jones is smiling. He just got the answer. He just found the way how to fund his project? He felt so relieve and happy. He called his wife …..

To be continue ….

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