Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I'm very comfortable before, on vacation with my family every month but then ...

In 2003 I graduated from University with engineering background. I was offered a job as Database administrator and successfully become one of excellent employee. I worked for almost 3 years and decided to perform of business myself.

I become a contractor. In 2006 was a booming time for me, so many job I've done with successfully. The business growth and I added 2 more business. My first business is construction, second interior design and the third is advertising and printing.

I hired workers for all my business and I'm doing the marketing. Life looks good. My life style also looks good. I will not reveal to you about my net worth. Let just say I'm enjoying life and have a great time with my family.

The sun is not always shining, there is time when lightning strike, the rain is falling heavily. In 2012, I lost everything!!! I lost my car, my house and my business. I was declared bankruptcy. Yes that is the word ------------------> BANKRUPTCY.  I don't have a gut to say it. Now I already said it.

I even don't have money to buy a milk for my children. For your information I have 5 children, they all boys. My wife is a housewife. She asked me what shall we do? I said in positive manner, don't worry dear I figure out something. I will not give up. I know I can fight back. My wife asked me to find a job, I said NO!!. I need to find a way how to bring back our business.

Then the thing is getting worse, my account has been freeze. Oh shit! My wife keeps crying. My children keep asking for money. You all know my friend, I don't know what to do. Secretly I went out and crying. I will not show to family that I'm crying.

I need to think. I've made a decision. I need to solve all the problem. I need to calm down although my heart keep pounding heavily. I need to calm down and think!!!.

Then, I've made decision, this is best decision at the moment that I should take. It is for the sake of my family I should do this. And I did ......

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