Friday, 31 May 2013

I Did Make This Desicion For The Sake Of My Family

I have to make this decision. It is for the sake of my family. With no money to spend, struggling to fulfill the family need forced me to make this decision.

Do you know that according to the research , 80% most of the people did not success in their life is because of their inner side.  Only 20% is because of the out side.

Why is this happen? What does it means by 80% we failed because of our inner inside?

This 80% because of the lack of skills, knowledge, quality and body knowledge. So if your want to succeed, first you must start with yourself!

 This is what happen to me actually. I have plan but i don't have goal setting. The goal setting in written. Not just park in your mind. It has been told that only 3% adults have goals in written. So for you my friend please write your goals in written for you to succeed.

In August 2012, I took the decision to become a ford sales representative. In other word I sell Ford car. Within 2 weeks I sold 2 Ford Fiesta and 1 Ford Mondeo. For your information I have a quite good skill in sales communication. Thanks to the book that I've been reading and the course that I took in sales and marketing. I will share with you later what book that I read. I know you all know what is the best book in sales and marketing.

Than things that happen and make my self not successfully is because the lack of business and financial skills. I built business because of my technical skills. I thought if I have an engineering background ,  I can build my construction business. This the most reason that make me doom!!!

I worked hard to fulfill my family needs. Becomes a car salesman is a good  opportunity for you to learn about sales. For your information, if you dream to own a business, you have to get or learn sales skills.

The the dark side of my life struck again. I've been told to move from the house that I rent. it is because the landlord want to increase the rent and I cannot afford it at this moment. I asked him to give me time. He said NO!!! The thing that I learnt from this situation is that you are not only race against money but also time.

You are going to start  a good life, but time is not in your side. I have to make a plan. Yes i don't have plan before. A written plan. A plan that I should replace with new one if  the old one is not working.

This is what Napoleon Hill said,

“The primary reason for failure is that people do not develop new plans to replace those plans that didn’t work.”
This is not My Mother. Thank you
 Then, I need to make a second decision. A decision that also affected my whole family and also affected my mother .......

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