Sunday, 2 June 2013

I Moved To My Mother's House When I was Kicked Out.

This is not my mother
The second decision that affected my whole life. I moved to my mother house. At the same time, my wife got an offered to pursue her study. She asked, "What do you think dear?" I said, " Go on dear, make your dreams come true. If it is for the best of our family then proceed."

She asked me again, " What about our kids?"

I said, " We moved to my mother's house. She will help us to take care our kids. At the same time I will find the job."

On September 2012, I'm officially moved to my mother house. I donated all the furniture and appliance and brought the thing that only important to us. At the age of 39 years old I lived back with my mother but only at this time, I brought along my family.

My new life begin more challenging than I thought. My went went to pursue her study for a one and half years. She will be back once in a month. Only if I provided her a ticket. I began to take her duty to become a house husband.

I have 5 boys. The older is 9 years old, second 7 years old, third 4 years old, fourth is 2 years old the youngest is 1 years old. Surprised???

This is not my family
I keep thinking and writing the idea how I'm going to overcome my difficulties and challenging moments. I need to come with at least 6 grand per month in order to covered up all the expenses and debt. The questions how, keep flashing in my mind.

Then, I figured out something. I make a plan. Then I proceed!

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