Saturday, 8 June 2013

I just Make A Plan To Succeed And You Know What? It have To Complete Within 30 Days!

This is not my money, yet

Yes I have to make a plan. And I did. The reason I have to make a quick plan because my cash have been going more than it getting in. In other words I spent more than I received. I have to get cash within 30 days in order to cover my expenses.

My cash can hold only for the next 30 days. After that I will not have any money to buy milk, groceries and other need especially for my kids. So what did I do?

For your information, If you did not read my previous post, I have an engineering background. Therefore I search for my local contractor community to find a job as an engineer. I asked them to email me the address of local contractor in order for me to submit my resume.

I submitted my resume by hand by visiting their office. I'm lucky! I been offered as an engineer from one of the local company and to manage their project that have been awarded for them. The salary is not to good but I have to take it because I need to have steady income before I proceed to another plan.

The reason I accepted this offer is because of 3 reasons.

1) I need to build network.
2) I need to have more experiences
3) I need to get a commission.  

Once I build a network, I will the power to ask for a project and then inform my employer about the project. And I will ask for a commission. This is the fastest way to have cash for my expenses. I will use all my contact and sales skill in order to secure the new project.

This is the plan that I have to make. For your information, I've been offered for a job on 1 June 2013. Now I'm siting in front of my laptop tell you about the plan.

I don't know if can make it or not, but I have to make it. So by the end of this month I should accomplish my goal in order to put back my life in a right track.

Can I make it?

The project that I managed now is RM3 Million. I'm targeting the project commission around 3% from the project cost.

So my friends if  you think this is the right plan, please tell me and if it is not, don't hesitate to tell me too.

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