Thursday, 13 June 2013

I still Proceed To My Existing Plan, But Added Another Plan.

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As you read my previous post about the 30 days plan. If you did not read it yet please read it here. I need to make another plan just in case it will take longer than I thought.

The backup plan is to make money from online. I already created the strategy and already executed about a week ago. If you want to know my backup plan, you can visit my blog My Amazon Income for further detail.

So now I have two active plan that already started and the objectives are :

a) Pull traffic
b) Create list
c) Selling.

The details of the plan will be announced later. It is because I need to make sure it will meet the target I set. I will also update the results either it will  succeed or not.

You can read my first trial in marketing the best seller book at The Best Seller Book.

We will see the progress soon. See yaa ...

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