Saturday, 15 June 2013

Wife Need My Attention!!!

Where is my anniversary gift??

 When I decided I need to do something about my life, it is not the sake of myself but for the whole family. That's right. For the sake of my family. I need to bring back business and therefore I need to commit for what I need to do.

We cannot bring back the past but for sure we can craft our future on how it going to be. And that has to be committed. If you read the previous post about my success journey, I have come out with two plans.

1) It need to completed within 30 days.
2) I have to make first sale from Amazon Affiliate program.

There will be a lot of time will be used in order to make the journey successful. So decided to wrote this in order to make sure that I did not forget the obstacle that I faced. That is why I created this blog.

Women specifically the wife have a different plan for you. Their plans are :

a) I need you
b) I'm lonely
c) I need your attention
d) Do you remember our important date in our life.
e) I need you on my bed (This one is forgiveness)

Therefore as a responsible husband I need to plan my time properly. Especially when you have a kid.

From time to time I kept thinking, the real success in my life is I have a loving wife and kids. That is most important. With their support then I  know I will succeed.

So if you are a husband or a father, make sure you have plenty time with them. Of course a very comfortable life is also important especially if you view it from the perspective of material. However from my opinion , we can find the money  but only have one chance in giving the happiness in our family.

While I was writing this, my wife text me with the message " Hi dear , what is the plan for our wedding anniversary?"

Oh shit!!! I forgot the anniversary date. So don't forget your wife need your attentions.

So my friends, how is your wife?

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