Friday, 21 June 2013

Secrets of Building Multi Million Business : You Will Learn Something Along The Way.

Secrets Of Building Multi Million Businesss

Secretes Of Building Multi Million Business

When I started to involved in business, I didn't realized that I have zero knowledge about business. All I have only technical knowledge that I learn from University. I have engineering background. I involved in building construction.

  It was a good business until I found that I've lacked in financial knowledge and other important element in business. I found out that as business owner you should have a knowledge of :

  1. Financial knowledge
  2. Sales and marketing knowledge
  3. Human resources knowledge
  4. Operation knowledge
  5. Business administration knowledge
You should have all this 5 knowledge in  order to bring you business to the next level. I'm not saying you should have this kind of knowledge before you jump into this business. But you should know a bit by bit along the way you start the business. After that you can hire other person that expert in the knowledge to work with you.

When you build the business that based on you technical skills,  there will a problem arise in one of this area and will make you business struggle.

I read about the book written by Adam Khoo, Secret s of Building Multi Million Dollar Business, there are some of the specific things you need to learn :

What kinds of skills it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and how to acquire the skill set you'll need.

Here, Adam demonstrates how a pattern of blaming is holding most people back, and he offers concrete how-to steps to overcome that limitation. He also provides examples, as he does throughout his book, from his own experience as well as other businesses. Those examples make the chapters highly compelling reading and effectively illustrate what not to do -- and what to do instead.

He provides a case study from his own experience -- when he first tried to market a seminar on NLP for business success. First it flopped -- just one person signed up. But Adam didn't buy in to the excuses those around him offered and instead took responsibility. He asked his customers why they hadn't signed up, got the three main reasons, took care of those as he redesigned his presentation, and bingo! People started signing up.

Another skill set is constant innovation. Nothing works forever, so regular tracking is crucial -- that and flexibility.

He provides more examples here, from his own company and others. Remember Alta Vista? It failed to keep up, and Yahoo took over, at first, and then Google came along. Now, when we talk about looking for something online, we just Google it!

Yet another key skill set includes money management, as well as operational and systems development. He provides McDonald and its founder Ray Kroc as an example here.

That is what you should know in order to succeed in business. Like I said, you will learn something along the way. All you have to do is take action and you will find out what it takes to make business success.


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