Saturday, 29 June 2013

It Almost 30 Days, My First Plan Is Still Not Working

The Plan Is Not Failed, It Just Need More Time.

I need more time. The objective is still the same. I need to make a commission from my marketing effort. Now I'm sitting in the cabin at construction site and just figured out another idea that I should make it happen.

A few months ago, I read a book written by +Donald Trump called Trump: The Art of the Deal. It is a very good book describing the life of +Donald Trump start built his real estate empire. Actually I like the idea of using the press as a weapon of informing everyone about the project he's going to propose.

He is already one step ahead before others and this has make him successful in the deal. Trump: The Art of the Deal is one of the greatest strategy that I've been reading and its open my eyes.

Donald Trump : The Art Of the Deal

I Need To Duplicate +Donald Trump Art Of The Deal. 

The state has announced they going to rip off the old market building and built a new one. It will come with a hotel and more build up building that will occupied along the river. The place is facing the river and join with the sea. It was a beautiful place and I've been playing there since I was a kid.

The reason to rip off the building is because,

a) The old building is not save anymore
b) To give more comfortable to the visitor.

This is the reason that been announced in the paper. After election it has been announced again that the project is still on. I don't know what is the status now. But I have an idea in my mind that I will using the +Donald Trump strategy in gaining the authority if building that project.

What I need to do is to find out :

a) Is it still on or not
b) Who is the architect.
c) When will be  tendered
d) Or , is there already have a person who  damned got it already.
e) I have to make a move  first.

We will see, I don't know I can make it or not, but I will make it happen.


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